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Latest ZnoteAAC Layouts

Layout Name Released
RPG Layout 2016-03-28.
Metro Blue Layout 2016-02-07.
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Flag Generator

Privileges Limitations
Can not be attacked
Can convince all monsters
Can summon all monsters
Can illusion all monsters
Can sense invisibility
Ignored by monsters
Do not gain infight
Has unlimited mana
Has unlimited soul
Do no gain exhaustion
Can always login
Can broadcast
Can edit all house rights
Can not be banned
Can not be pushed
Has unlimited capacity
Can push all creatures
Talk red in private
Talk red in channel
Talk orange in help-channel
Gain max speed
Cannot be added to VIP
Talk red anonymously
Ignore protection-zone
Skip spell usage checks
Skip equip usage checks
Can not be muted
Permanent premium account
Can not use combat
Can not attack players
Can not attack monsters
Cannot use spells
Cannot pickup items
Do not gain experience
Do not gain mana
Do not gain health
Do not gain skill
Can not gain loot
Can not move items
Can not move creatures